The Concept

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Operation Feed SJ (OFSJ) was founded by Patrick Gordon, a retired army veteran of three Afghanistan tours. After serving, Gordon looked for ways to get involved with the Saint John community; and was inspired to make a difference after learning children in poverty often rely on getting their next meal through their schools. This moment ignited a flame and had a snowball effect into what is now, Operation Feed SJ.

Starting at St. John Baptist School, Gordon’s goal was to feed 50 families per month using food bags. The bags given out are filled with non-perishable food items while following Canada’s food guide as much as possible. These grocery bags aim to feed three people, with three meals daily for a week. After much positive feedback, Operation Feed Saint John now serves all five high priority schools in the Uptown Region.

OFSJ’s goal for the future is to partner with local businesses to help spread the word through their clients and social media platforms. With local Saint John businesses sharing OFSJ’s message, Operation Feed SJ is determined to erase poverty in Saint John - one bag of food at a time.

"​Most veterans when we leave service, especially ones that served overseas, they come home feeling empty, feeling without a purpose and needing a place to put their energy,” said Gordon. “I searched and searched and searched when I came home and I couldn’t find it, and I found it now – I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing."

Pat Gordon