Feeding hungry kids one day at a time.

Operation Feed SJ is a local based non-profit organization fighting to win the war on hunger. Saint John currently has the highest poverty rate in all of Canada. Our team is focused on changing the statistics starting with kids.

Will you join us in the fight to end poverty?


The Mission

We are a local Saint John based Non-Profit fighting to win the war on hunger in the Greater Saint John Area, by focusing on feeding families and children in our communities who are less fortunate.

The Concept

Operation Feed SJ (OFSJ) was founded by Patrick Gordon, a retired army veteran of three Afghanistan tours. After serving, Gordon looked for ways to get involved with the Saint John community; and was inspired to make a difference after learning children in poverty often rely on getting their next meal through their schools. This moment ignited a flame and had a snowball effect into what is now, Operation Feed SJ.


  • 5,000 children 17 years and under are living in poverty: one in three (33%)
  • 4,600 Parents and children are living in deep poverty

Poverty in Saint John Vs Other Communities

Overall Poverty

  • Canada: 14.2%
  • New Brunswick: 17.1%
  • Saint John Census Metropolitan Area (CMA): 16.7%
  • City of Saint John: 22.5% [More than 15,000 citizens]

Child Poverty

  • City of Saint John: 33%
  • Canada: 17%
  • New Brunswick: 22% [Highest provincial rate, tied with Nova Scotia]

Now Recruiting Monthly Contributers

We are very proud to announce our New Monthly Subscription Program!

​100% of the proceeds go directly into helping hungry kids & families in our local Greater SJ area

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For Businesses

Are you a business owner looking to get involved with Operation Feed Saint John? As a registered charity we are able to provide a tax receipt for all donations. Learn how you can help today!

Operation Feed Saint John has provided more than


Why We Started

Operation Feed SJ was built out of necessity. Long time resident, Patrick Gordon returned to Saint John after serving in the Canadian Forces from 2004 until he was medically released in 2016. Upon his return, Patrick quickly realized the severity of poverty that Saint John was withstanding. Being labeled as the city with the highest poverty rate in Canada was something that Patrick could not live with. With this, Operation Feed SJ was born.